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graphic featuring hoodies and t-shirts for men and women. Left to right: A white Botan Rice hoodie with a rose and japanese font design. Next, a dark brown hoodie with large font reading "SUNDAY" on top and sunday brunch apparel repeatedly below for 3 lines of stripe-like text. Next, a natural colored t-shirt featuring an old cassette tape with a bowl of colorful ramen noodle dish on top and musical notes over the noodles being pulled up by chopsticks. Very fun/funky. for the ramen lover! Next, a light brown hoodie featuring a black graphic which reads "SHE FROM CHICAGO". An urban slang way to say she is from chicago. Very hip and cool Tiktok Viral Hoodie!

about our apparel


fits all

Inclusive sizing.

Baby, toddler, youth

and adult. Up to size 3XL & 5XL in adult garments.

sustainable materials

We strive to source eco-friendly and sustainable materials where available.


unique handmade designs

Every design is handmade by SBA creator and digital artist Melissa Hansen. She strives to keep designs original, fresh and fun while still keeping trends in mind. 

what we stand for

We strive to support sustainability and ethics in an industry with very little traceability.  We use eco-friendly materials wherever possible to produce our product range, being sourced from premium suppliers within the US.  We source printing and drop-shipping from factories and small businesses that are ethical. We print all of our products in the USA on demand. We do not utilise printing facilities in other countries and we do not hold any stock...thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Although our business is not perfect, these are some things we look for and support:

  • garments made with sustainable/eco/recycled fabrics 

  • garments made in women-owned factories

  • ethically certified factories 

Person in hoodie

tag us on ig: #brunchbabe

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