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Welcome to Sunday Brunch Apparel


Why Sunday Brunch Apparel?

The mention of  “Sunday Brunch” evokes a sense of comfort, excitement, craving, and satisfaction. 

Much like Sunday Brunch—we hope you will find yourself excited about our designs and craving a specific piece of clothing. We aim for you to feel cozy, comfortable, and wholly satisfied with your new apparel.

We strive to support sustainability and ethics in an industry with very little traceability.  We work with trusted partners from around the world. Although our business is not perfect, these are some things we look for and support:

  • garments made with sustainable fabric 

  • garments made in women-owned factories

  • ethically certified factories

Sunday Brunch Apparel was created in early 2023 by Melissa Hansen as an effort to creatively provide for her young son outside of her 9-5. Chicago, IL is her home/office base.  Each design is created with vision, imagination, and precision by Melissa. All orders are packaged with care and drop-shipped directly from our trusted production partners to you. 

a note from melissa





Nice to meet you! I am the creator of  Sunday Brunch Apparel.  I love neutrals and earth tones with an occasional pastel or bold color.  Huge fan of sweats and t-shirts. I like simplistic/minimal designs with a touch of trend and playfulness.  I aim to create designs that can be worn every day and dressed up or down. 

I would like to thank you for supporting my small business! Choosing Sunday Brunch Apparel means the world to me. A portion of all proceeds goes towards new Hotwheels for my son...and his education. Of course.

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